Decorative Wet Wall Kerradeco Wood Snowy

Decorative Wet Wall Kerradeco Wood Snowy

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VOX Kerradeco Wood Snowy


Panel Length: 1350mm
Panel Width: 295mm
Panel Thickness: 9mm
8 Panels Per Pack

3.186m² coverage per pack 

The Kerradeco Range is fire rated and uses tongue and groove technology to make it waterproof, meaning you can use it in any room you wish, be it Bedroom, Bathroom or Kitchen!  It can be installed easily and quickly, and rooms finished with Kerradeco can be used immediately.

The Kerradeco Range is moisture-resistant, does not crack under impact and does not require grouting, making it suitable to replace MDF, Wallpaper and Cermaic Tiles.

easy application 

minimal maintenance 

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